Cubase Silicone Editing Covers



This winter, I did some research to see which music recording software best fits me, and which I wanted to invest in learning, to use for producing music. Through a producer’s recommendation, I purchased Cubase, and have been loving it since! However, because I’m a noob in the program, I struggled trying to learn the different functions and finding them on the window. What took my producer less than a second to maneuver around on the keys, took me a minute or more, trying to figure out my way around the functions.

So, I did some research and…

< Insert Claps >


Cubase silicone editing cover for the new Mac Touchbar. Relief.


The silicone slips on very smoothly and is easy to peel off. Because it’s so thin, typing isn’t a problem either. Quality = great. 

This editing cover shows you where all the shortcuts are for the program. The only disappointing part about this purchase was that it didn’t have other color variations to choose from. I would’ve really appreciated some tones in purple and cyan. Nonetheless, lovin’ it. It ships from the U.K and took about 2 weeks.

Let the good times roll.

Editors Keys has tons of silicon covers for design and music programs. Depending on the type of keyboard and program you’re using it for, the price will range anywhere from $30~$40. (KRW 35,000~45,000).

Editors Keys:


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