Turn Your Story Into A Song With Songfinch


You love expression, you appreciate stories. You oftentimes lose yourself in the patterns and colors of melodic noise that passes through your surroundings. Self-expression, it’s something that makes you feel alive, something so personal.

You love to give, you love music.

Songfinch may be your new favorite way to personalize a meaningful gift for someone through the medium of music.


A service that takes your personal story and experience and personalizes it into an original song for you to gift to someone special.


Fill out the form that is available on their main page, which includes who the song is for. Choose the mood of the song, the genre, your choice of female or male vocals, and any key words or lines you would like to hear in the song. The ‘surprise me’ option is also available for those that want a bit more fun with it.





You will carefully be matched with one of the songwriters in Songfinch’s database that best fits the mood and the story you want to create for your song. The process is short and you’ll have your song ready in seven days.


Having only been around for a little over a year, Songfinch meets expectations in delivering heartfelt original songs to people from all different kinds of walks in their lives. It’s sole purpose; using original music and storytelling to bring people together and to move hearts all over the world. This startup values the stories people bring and committed to being involved with the creative process of bringing their consumers their stories to sound.

It’s also a great and convenient way to have a professional personalize and produce a song for you and your special occasion for just $200. If you want to be completely involved with the whole process of music production, this may not be the place for you-you may want to look into local recording studios and producers-which will be a lot more pricey, with prices for a single track to start anywhere from $500 to a few grand, which includes fees for hiring instrumentalists, vocalists, engineers and producers, mixing, mastering and so on.

Trust the process in connecting with your songwriter at Songfinch and enjoy the experience in watching your loved one hearing your original song for the first time. Explore the site to read and listen to some of the stories featured on the site.

You’ll have to check out the exclusive interview with Michael Stark (Executive Producer at Songfinch) and WGN here. Super cool and refreshing to hear about what they’re doing and how their service is used to bring joy and healing to loved ones around them.

Haha, lovin’ the creativity for his bio page. Listen to the mp3 bio here.


Scroll to the bottom of their main page and you’ll see a section on how you can join their songwriting team. Good luck!


Songfinch: https://www.songfinch.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/songfinch/about/?ref=page_internal

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/songfinch/

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