Júníus Meyvant – Icelandic Folk/Pop

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I am very much appreciating the feels, vocals, and arrangements of this Icelandic artist.

Having only debut in 2015, Junius Meyvant is fairly new to the market. I’ve been listening to his album, ‘Floating Harmonies,’ on repeat and mesmerized by his musical craft, production and songwriting throughout the tracks. Some common underlying instruments that can be heard throughout his albums are the playful and melodic leads of strings and horns, that may take you to a nostalgic place in time.

Each track promises simple but catchy melodic hooks of hope. His song, ‘Gold Laces,’ sings of finding a greater purpose in marriage and selfless giving, while his song, ‘Sending Out Signals,’ is a spiritual song on God.

“Gold is pure and laces tie your shoes together; “Bring out the gold laces,” therefore means we should tie marriages together with something greater then ourselves.” (Grapevine)

His music is absolutely refreshing. What I find amazing is how simple his songwriting craft is, while the music and arrangement, rich in tone and delivery.


You can read more about how each track was written here. 

For more music and to keep up with tours with Junius Meyvant, check out the sites below:



*For featured image contact mymusiccanvas@gmail.com (couldn’t find the photographer linked to it)


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