Tom Misch – Man Like You (Cover)

Love everything about this cover of Patrick Watson’s song, ‘Man Like You.’ The addition of the electric violin and additional electric leads give it a more melancholy and ethereal listen throughout the song.

The original song is acoustically driven and is equally beautiful, with Watson’s falsettos and acoustic. The lyrics are beautiful but quite ambiguous in who he’s referring to and what message he is trying to convey or deliver. It’s an interesting song because unlike most songs that have a verse, chorus and a bridge, this song repeats the same melodic hook from the beginning to the end of the song. You can listen to the original song here. 

If you’re into groovey electric guitar riffs meshed with a bit of funk and rap, you’ll have to give Tom Misch’s EP a listen here. Listen long enough, and you’ll love the entrance of brass and strings towards the middle and end of the tracks. 

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