Seafret – There’s A Light

Seafret is a British duo compromised of Jack Sedman (singer) and Harry Draper (guitar). The name Seafret came from the two both living near the sea, and fret, from how their music journey first began with the guitar. The story goes that the two both met at an open mic night in Bridlington, England. The two both performed as separate acts and were both drawn to each others’ music. Soon after, they began to share their music and within a week, they had already written seven songs together. Harry writes the guitar parts, and Jack, the lyrics.

“You’ve got to be open if you’re making music together, if not then it’s just yours.” 

-Songwriting Magazine

Seafret released their debut album, Tell Me It’s Real in the U.K not too long ago, with Columbia Records (2016). The album is acoustically-driven with a common theme of bittersweet lyrics on farewells and losing loved ones.

I love everything about Seafret’s music, but this track in particular pulls at my ears the most. Definitely give them a listen! 🙂



Featured photo by Tom Martin

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