HAIM – The Sisters Back With A New Song


Sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim (pronounced, hi-yum) are back with a new song, ‘Want You Back,’ a fun and upbeat song on one’s perspective on maturing and ready for another chance in love.

Though born into a Jewish family, the girls were born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Having grown up into a musical family, the girls started to experiment with picking up various instruments at a young age. This soon led to the girls being in a family band with their parents, which their parents fronted (Rockinhaim). How cool is that? Currently for live shows, you’ll find Este (31) on bass, Danielle (28) on lead guitar and vocals, and Alana (26), rhythm guitar, keys, and percussion.

Check out this cool video to learn more about the sisters’ upbringing and journey in music.

Another family band you may enjoy, also another old fave of mine: Eisley

Know any other family bands you’d like to share or recommend? Please share in the comments section 🙂

*Featured photo by Pooneh Ghana

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