New Christian Pop – Local Sound

Really happy about discovering this new worship band. Hope you like them as much as I do! 🙂

Local Sound is a new and emerging worship band from Nashville, TN, that was formed through a college ministry, in which the band led worship in, regularly. The name was birthed through the band’s Christian belief in being the local church, meaning, being the movement of Jesus Christ to love and serve, and using their music to reach people all over the world to unite them to God.

Their official debut and EP, WWJD was released just last month, with the title tracks:

1. Wild

2. More than Air

3. Shepherd

4. Heaven Here Now

5. Weightless

Tracks like Wild and More than Air blends of EDM and tropical house beats, while Shepherd and Weightless are slower with sounds familiar to Hillsong’s 2015, Empire album.

Heaven Here Now is a beautiful song with more background ambience, and about surrendering before God and being captivated by his presence.

This album is so refreshing in its musicality and production. And ohhh! How beautiful the female vocals are! The lyrics are on the simpler side but it does its job in delivering an intimate invitation to God’s presence.

On a side note, I find it really cool that the group made a campaign on Kickstarter just a year ago, to raise funds for this album. They reached their goal of raising $15,000, and now, to see them already going on a summer tour with internationally recognized artists like Bethel, Lauren Daigle, and Jesus Culture, only proves that this band is not only skilled in their craft, but also carries the anointing in their worship! 🙂

If you found yourself applauding Hillsong’s, Young and Free  and Empire album, you will appreciate Local Sound.

Visit their site to see if they’re coming to a city near you! Here

*For featured photo credit, please contact (couldn’t find the  photographer linked to it)

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