Uzuhan a.k.a J. Han – New Music

Uzuhan, a.k.a Uzu, J. Han or James Han, a Korean-American rapper from Maryland, is out with a new name, music, and bolder lyrics. His song, Uzutrap, confronts racism and his journey as an artist. I love his creative and artistic expressions of infusing Korean phrases with his trap-influenced beats. View lyrics here. 

Uzuhan or J. Han is also known for his collaborative work with Christian hip-hop movement, AMP (Good Fruit Co). I love his first album, Ivory Coastwith its authentic lyrics and staying true and grounded in God’s truth. I find his songwriting intelligently crafted with his storytelling and love how his music gives listeners a unique perspective on his upbringing as an American with Korean immigrant parents, which I can definitely relate to.

I’ve seen him live in concert a few times, and hands down, he is one that gives 100% in his performances. Full of energy, his presence is one that makes even the quiet, reserved ones moving their heads to his catchy beats and coming out of their comfort zones.

Uzuhan, mad support for you and your endeavors with music. And shoutout to Won Jang, (who is also a rapper on the side), the creative mind and director for all of Good Fruit’s music videos. I am a huge fan of his work in video production and looking forward to more.

*Uzuhan – romanized Korean word for excellent. 


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