Seoul Synth Now Offering Private & Group Producing Lessons

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(Located at 화양동 23-28 on the 2nd floor of Ediya Coffee)

This one’s for my folks who live in Seoul and speak the language. If you’re into music producing and want to learn the craft of recording and producing, you may want to look into these guys. If you’re like me and learn better with hands on training over manuals or Youtube tutorials, this could be a good place to start your training.

I first found this site in the winter when I was searching for producing lessons. I didn’t end up going with them but as I’m following up now, I’m impressed with the development with their service. Since the last time I was at their site, they seemed to have revamped their website and developed a  solid curriculum for both individual and group lessons.

Seoul Synth is operated by five young producers, and they offer courses in Ableton Live, Logic, Cubase, FL Studio, Studio One, and Pro Tools.

For their individual courses, they charge ₩250/a month (4 lessons). The producer that I went with (a different studio) charged the same amount for one hour, and I decided at the time to go with him because I liked his experiences and credentials. On the music forum that I mentioned in my other post here, lists producers offering from ₩150,000. It may seem like a lot and it is, but it’s really up to you and your budget and preference.

They seem to be still developing their curriculum, but currently, they are offering individual and private lessons for the following:

                                                   Individual                            Group

Ableton:                          ₩250,000 / 4 lessons              350 / 8 lessons

Logic Pro:                       ₩250,000 / 4 lessons

Cubase:                                        TBA

FL studio:                                    TBA

Bitwig:                             ₩250,000 / 4 lessons                          X

Studio One:                   ₩250 / 4 lessons

Pro Tools:                                    TBA

Also, if you go to their ‘Instructor’ tab, you’ll get to read more about their experience.

You can listen to some of their work on Soundcloud and follow them on Instagram here.

Seoul Synth website

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