B. Reith

Meet B. Reith, CCM singer, rapper, songwriter & producer! (Gotee Records)

Some of his collaborative work in the past involves Lecrae and Gungor, just to name a few.

He released his first EP, Heart on My Sleeves with Gotee in 2016, a six track album that takes you on his personal journey of overcoming the downfalls in life.

“The concept for me was that I wanted to capture the vulnerability of where I’ve been. The theme that I saw throughout the songs was feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, and disappointed… just dealing with those disappointments, but still finding the courage and the way to keep fighting and not lose my mind in the process.”

-The Digital Breakdown

I was hooked from the first song I listened to, ‘Can’t Stop Loving You.’ I’m totally feeling the electric bass grooves on this one in particular.

Currently he isn’t on tour, but you can find more about him here.


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