Echosmith Releases New Song

I love family bands! What started out as three bros + one sis is now down to three, but their music still lives on.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name, you’ll def recognize their song, Cool Kids. 

The song starts out with a catchy acoustic riff and picks up in the chorus. The song is more on the mellow side with bittersweet lyrics about a breakup. Love the airiness of her vocals. The song continues to build and has a neat instrumental breakdown towards the latter part of the song. It’s a pretty simple arrangement, repeating the chords Em Bm C D throughout the whole song (for the most part).

Mmm. Breakups are never easy, but the key to healing = giving yourself the permission to grieve it all out + process + find a healthy outlet + surround yourself with strong support.

More of Echosmith

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