French Talent – Fresh Kiwi Juice


I’m lovin’ the latest discovery, FKJ, short for French Kiwi Juice (fun), a multi-instrumentalist + singer-songwriter + producer + DJ + sound engineer + co-founder of his label from Paris, France. Got all that? Haha. Extreme skills and talent. His name has been gaining copious amount of attention from Parisans and people all over France, as he has been marked as a pioneer of the French house music scene.

I’ve been addicted to his improv videos on Youtube and his versatility in musicianship. His groovy house and funk beats are hard not to appreciate!

Skills + fun. Can you believe that he is a self-taught musician?

His debut album, Fresh Kiwi Juice was released, March of 2017 (Roche Musique) and so far, I’ve been enjoying every song on it! It’s a mixture of hip hop and EDM rhythms, funky piano and bass lines. Have a listen here.

Go here for more songs on his Soundcloud

*For featured photo credit contact (couldn’t find the photographer linked to the photo)

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