Korean Retro – The Barbettes

Barbettes (바버렛츠) is a South Korean trio with members, Shinae An Wheeler, Sunnie Lee Kyeong and So Hee Park. The retro K-music group has been around since 2012 (Eggplant) and their music blends of 50’s, 60’s doo-wop girl groups like The ShirellesThe Marvalettes, and the more modern, The Pipettes. Notice the suffix patterns of the names? Hehe. Their music has a bit more blends of folk and pop, and Kpop depending on the song. They’ve done several collaborations with JYP and SM artists, two of South Korea’s biggest music entertainment companies.

Their new song, Summer Love was released on July 5th, 2017, and it’s got more of a folk pop drive to it.

The girls also do a lot of cover songs, which you can view here.


*For featured image credit, contact mymusiccanvas@gmail.com (couldn’t find the photographer linked to it)

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