British Drum & Bass – Rudimental

rudimental 1

For the folks that need some glimmers of hope. Take it a day at a time and fight to stay connected to what makes you feel alive. Make some space to allow people in, process. You’re stronger than you know.

This version of the song has more of a folk vibe to it. I prefer this one over the original, but both are great to listen to. Hm, I think there are subtle hints of the song being about finding hope and healing from a breakup? Know that in the midst of whatever darkness you may feel, your ability to hold onto hope builds a bridge to your feet picking up strength and finding victories. Embrace the pains of each day confront the nasty feelings with healthy outlets and people in your life, and in due time you will find healing, from smaller victories to the bigger ones. Look up. 

Sun Comes Up

Here’s the other version, a more upbeat/pop/tropical house feel. Which do you like better? 🙂


Wow, these guys are pretty awesome. Totally diggin’ their EDM tracks and positive lyrics, and especially lovin’ the use of brass instruments in a lot of their tracks.

If you like their music, check out their song, Rumor Mill, featuring Anne-Marie and Will Heard. Original version: Here.

And YES! Love Ain’t Just a Word.

*For featured photo credit, please contact at (couldn’t find the  photographer linked to it)

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