Stanaj – Remixed

I’m enjoying these sweet lyrics by Stanaj (Lava Records), a 23-year-old, an R&B/Pop artist from New York. I discovered the remix version of this song first, and as one who really loves remixes, this was such a fun one to beat my head to. The original version of the song is more ballad and has a more mellow feel, which you can listen to here. 


You make me wanna be a romantic
You make me wanna be a star
You make me wanna act different
I love you for who you are
You make me want to run circles around you
So glad that I found you
You make me wanna be a romantic
You make me wanna be a star


This guy has killer falsettos!

Check out the remixed tropical house version below!

Stanaj – Romantic


That’s what love does to ya. It makes you want to do things you’ve never done before.

And real love, when the puppy stages are over, it still stands strong, built on a foundation  on something bigger than one’s desires and self-whether built on faith or shared values; it’s established through trust, safety, and commitment through the shakings. A love that lasts is consistent, forgiving. It pursues.

How well do you love?


*For featured photo credit, please contact (couldn’t find the photographer linked to the picture)



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