The New Respects


The band’s first EP, Here Comes Trouble, now available with track lists: Money, Frightening Lightning, Come As You Are, Shoes, Trouble.

Meet Nashville family band, The New Respects (Credential Recordings). 

Members include Nicole C. Mullen’s daughter, Jasmin Mullen-singer/guitar (Wow, remember her? She sang, My Redeemer Lives), her twin cousins, Lexi (bass) and Zandi (guitar), and their brother Darius (drums).

Though they don’t identify themselves as a “Christian band,” their lyrics are influenced by their Christian faith and their music brings warm and familiar sounds of funk/blues/soul. Past tours include Switchfoot, Lacrae and more. 

While songs like, Come As You Are brings an invitation to bring your brokenness to God, Money sings of the downfalls of being rich. I don’t think that money or being rich is inherently evil-it’s how a person handles the wealth; the greed, the lust for more, unhealthy spending habits, lack of self-control, the addictions, the division and tension it may bring towards family and relationships, and not stewarding your wealth that is detrimental. Wealth and riches are a blessing from God to enjoy and it’s up to you to steward it wisely, and you also have a greater responsibility to give back to the community and to those in greater need.

Photo courtesy of Cody Myers (cover feature image) and Stephanie Fitzgerald (second photo)

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