Mung Beans and Tofu – Uzuhan

“Back then you wouldn’t believe they celebrated with a pound of meat, doesn’t really sound a lot to me
It was plenty for 10 miles to eat (it was a feast)
Rice and beans bunch of grains sprinkled to see, dripping the oil, sesame to white rice that I take for granted, was a luxury, yeah for real was a real fortune
trynna get a meal was a fortune…”

Rapper Uzuhan, formerly known as J.Han has rebranded himself and has been releasing new music that further explores his identity as an Asian-American, overcoming fears and more. His songwriting is open and honest and invites one to journey with him through his lyrical spins and catchy melodic hooks.

I find his song, ‘Mung Beans and Tofu,‘ genius! Uzuhan continues to impress me with his songwriting and also his artistic creativity in how he delivers his songs in his music videos.


This song in particular reminds the Korean audience the value and rarity of meals in what used to be an impoverished nation. There’s a stark contrast in the upbringing and lifestyle of the Korean ancestors and the luxury and convenience we are used to today. As a fellow Korean, I too, have grown up with Korean relatives and folks asking, ‘Have you eaten yet?’ If you’ve ever visited a Korean home, you’ll soon find yourself being greeted by fruit, snacks or some kind of food at your arrival. Though your reply may be a, ‘No thanks, I’m full,’ it’ll be met with some kind of gesture to eat anyways, and in Korean culture, it is polite to accept. In our ancestors time, to be full was a luxury, a blessing. I can see how that habit of asking has passed down to our parents, and to the children. I oftentimes find myself offering food and asking about friends’ appetites upon their arrival and have this urgency to feed them. I know I do it from a place from what was modeled before me, from my own mother and relatives. And perhaps it also goes alongside with my love for hospitality..haha!

Anyways. Thumbs up to Uzu and his artistic and humorous efforts in incorporating the infamous 90’s K-pop look and fashion in the video, and his ongoing boldness and exposure of his Korean roots. I especially love the melodic bass lines during the verse and the transition into a super addictive and catchy, reggaeton-infused beat in the chorus.

Music now available on Spotify and iTunes. uzuhan-flight-3

More info, pics and music here

Featured guests in MV: Matthew Amor, Joon Lee, Sam Ock, Won Jang, Josh Owh, Akademikz

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