Eris Ford

Eris Ford’s vocals on the song below (I’m There – Kevmo) had me thinking I was listening to Ariana Grande for a moment. All of the music that I’ve featured so far on this site have been artists + singer-songwriters + producers – Elis Ford has more work as a featured guest on underground CCM hip hop and r&b tracks. I fell so much in love with her vocals I wanted to find out more about who she is and if she has her own music out:

Well, there is no information on her that I could find! The only platform I found for her music is on Soundcloud, which you can view and listen here.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 8.05.39 AM

She’s a featured vocalist in many hip hop + r&b tracks by independent Christian artists. She doesn’t have a Youtube account or other music platforms for her featured music work except for Soundcloud. Here, you can find covers, collaborations and featured tracks.

Eris on Kevmo’s newest track (August 2017)

Eris Ford on a hip hop track by Christian artist, Deraj. (September 2017)

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