Kpop Christmas Originals

Spent some time looking for older K-pop Christmas originals. Here are a few that I enjoyed:

The First Snow by EXO, acoustic ballad.

About: Bittersweet song about a loved one from the past

IU’s cover of D.ear’s 12/24.

About: Love song.

Love IU’s (aka Korea’s favorite little sister) cover of this song. The original song is sung by a male singer. You can hear some English lines in the chorus.

Original version here.

Christmas Wishes, Christmas collab (2013) with K-pop artists Jiyoon Park, Yerin Kim, Jane Jang and Puer Kim.

About: Plea to Santa for someone special.

Henry & Amber’s (FX) collab, Happy Holidays

The song is beautiful so it’s a bit disappointing that it’s so short.

Piano ballad by Roy Kim, It’s Christmas Day

About: Love confessions on Christmas.

Confession Song by GOT7

About: You got English subs!

These artists are all under major label companies. If you know of any unsigned or independent K-pop artists with Christmas songs, share in the comments section!

Just a few more days left in my daily Christmas music ft. at!

Insta: @mymusiccanvas

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