Australian Indie Duo – Hollow Coves

Brisbane natives Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins not only share a passion for traveling but also writing acoustic-driven music. So it only makes sense that their music takes you on a nostalgic and ongoing journey of passing through majestic coastlines and hikes through valleys, to friendships and ongoing quests of exploring and getting lost in time.

…and we will sleep by the ocean
our hearts will move with the tides
and we will wake in the morning
to see the sun paint the sky…  – Coastline (Track 1 from Wanderlust EP)

The third track, Woods, from their EP, Wanderlust (February 2017) has reached #1 on Hype Machine and also placed in THR’s top TV Songs chart.

This EP is a must-listen for those that are looking for earthy folk music that takes your imagination and memories to a place filled with nature, travel and nostalgia.

‘These Memories,’ last track from Wanderlust EP

European Tour recap video (ft. music ‘Coastline’ from Wanderlust EP)

Don’t you love the footages, colors and tones of the video? True creative minds. Check out their instagram (see below) for more scenic captures of their travels.

Their EP is available on iTunes and Soundcloud. 

More Hollow Coves > Here
Instagram: Here

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