New Pop Release – Sarah Reeves

Here’s a fun new pop release by CCM recording artist, Sarah Reeves.

The song starts off catchy right from the beginning, and throughout the song, you’ll hear a lot of familiar trendy elements, production wise. Reeves’ vocals are super thin, airy and sweet to listen to. I first discovered her years ago when she used to cover a lot of worship songs on Youtube. My favorite cover of hers HERE. Since being signed to Word Records (TN) in the recent months, Reeves has been active in touring and producing new music.

“For so long the ‘worship leader’ and the ‘artist’ in me battled one another. I was scared of what people might think if my worship looked and sounded different. After surrendering that fear, I tapped into a freedom of creativity that I’ve never experienced before.”

-Reeves interview at This is Power.

Checkout the piano version HERE.

Sarah Reeves music: Boop

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