Cory Asbury – Reckless Love (New Album)



Joy! Singer-songwriter and worship leader, Cory Asbury is expected to release his sophomore album, Reckless Love, on January 26th. Since leaving Forerunner music, with iHOP in 2015, this will be his first official album through Bethel Music. The album carries 10 tracks of his personal story and journey in encountering the Father’s heart. Asbury’s music is known to captivate listeners with his deep spiritual and rich scriptural writing that connects listeners to God and points to the gospel. His songs are usually acoustically or piano-driven and leaves you in either a meditative or worshipful state of heart. His music has catchy hooks, making it easy to remember and sing along to.Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.12.26 PM(Album cover)

Pre-order the album now, and you’ll get instant download of his songs, Reckless Love, Endless Alleluia, and Water and Dust. Link here: Boop!

Asbury shares:

“I had to become a father to learn how to be a son —  In many ways, the Reckless Love single cover was the introduction to my story. The beginning. The genesis. An innocent little boy with goofy, spiky hair and not a care in the world. Just a little kid. A son. No worries. No wounds. Carefree and confident in the perfect little world my parents provided for me. Then the full-length album cover is my life coming full circle. On the journey from boyhood to manhood there were a million cracks in the road. But somehow the grace of God swooped in with wings otherworldly and carried me safely over each one. And finally, those mighty wings set me down in a broad place. Now I’m a father to my own little boy. And somehow, in so becoming, I’m a little child again. Fully free and fully alive in my Father’s eyes. The brokenness didn’t break me. No, we rewrote the story in crimson ink. And I dance again like a little boy. Nothing between us. Innocent and free just like You always wanted. And I realize I’ve always been the dream of Your heart. A son.”

-@bethelmusic (instagram)

I’m personally excited as Cory Asbury is one of my favorites and a must-listen-to when in a meditative state. His writing has a way of bringing back to focus what is important and essential to every core at heart: faith + gospel. Can’t help but be moved by his worshipful writing and songs.

You can preview the whole album here.

Music available on iTunes, Amazon and

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