End Game Covers (Taylor Swift)

I am really enjoying listening to Taylor Swift’s, End Game, the second track off of her newest album, Reputation (2017). I have personally grown to appreciate and admire Swift’s ability in experimenting with bringing different music influences into her production.  I especially loved this music video. Way to go, director Joseph Khan.

I wanted to see what kind of covers were out there for this song and I chose the best three that I liked, which you can view below.

I found this one unique because not only do they have great vocals but the beatboxing and vocal layering is super cool! If you go through the whole song, listen for the background melodic motifs, pad sounds and percussion (hi hats, kicks, snares) and you’ll recognize that it was all done by vocals + beatboxing. I wonder how he layered those in post production though, what tricks he used to make the vocal motifs and beatboxing fuller. The snares, kicks and hi hats sound amazing! Hm. Doubling tracks and EQing lot of lows?

Mike Tompkins & Andie Case

Andie Case: Music
Mike Tompkins: Music


Cimorelli is a group of six sisters who first formed in 2007. Cimorelli is their family last name and there are actually eleven siblings! I liked this video because not only was the singing great, but the video showed personality and it was fun to watch.

Cimorelli: yoink

Justin Shoemake

This guy is new to the Youtube scene and I wanted to give him some deserving exposure. His vocals have an R&B vibe and sweet to listen to, give him a listen!

Justin Shoemake: boop

To view Taylor Swift’s original music video, click HERE.

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