Transitioning Out With Purpose

Only Wanna Sing by Hillsong 

This is no performance
Lord I pray it’s worship
Empty words I can’t afford
I’m not chasing feelings
That’s not why I’m singing
You’re the reason for my song
I only wanna sing
If I sing with everything
If I sing for you my King
I can’t imagine why
I would do this all for hype
Cause it’s all to lift You high
You don’t want perfection
Just my soul’s attention
All I have is what I’ll give
More than a song that lasts a moment
I’ll live a life full of honest worship
If I’m here to sing then I’ll sing with purpose
Fourteen days until the next biggest transition of my life; bidding Korea farewell and moving back home to the suburban comforts of Chicago. Transitioning in and out of places has been of second nature to me; I adapt to places and environments easily. This time around, I’m met with grief and mourning the loss of the amazing life I’ve spent in Seoul, Korea. Well, I’m not losing anything, I’ve only gained. Incredible friendships, amazing church community, amazing people, amazing workplace with wonderful colleagues, life. Experiences. Wisdom. Through the busyness of all of this, embracing the resistance to write music and hopeful for the day when I’m finally settled back home; to fully immerse myself in pouring out all of the moods that’s been resting and making a home in the corners of my soul. Transitions begin with an end. I leave with confidence knowing that for what God is wanting to do next in my life..requires faith to leave this one behind to move onto the next. Through the noise and the chaos in my mind, I only ask God that you receive the meditations of my heart. Through it all, I want to partner with You and to remember you are always steps before me. Lead me as I go, Lord.
2018, year of adventure. Year of music. 
음악 하고싶어요.
Transitioning out with purpose. 
Anyone else in transition? Some wisdom for your soul: Time for Transition

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