‘All Things Beautiful,’ New EP and Interview – David Cho

dc2David Cho, a multi-instrumentalist from Irvine, CA is not your ordinary college student. Upon first hearing his vocals, one might be astonished and taken aback that this mature and seasoned voice only belongs to a twenty-two-year old. As a self-established singer-songwriter and producer, Cho dropped out of school after one semester in college to spend time studying music production and writing music. During this time, he has completed three independent EP’s, including the most recent release, ‘All Things Beautiful.’ As a writer and musician who devotes to writing worship music, Cho has successfully produced albums for worship bands, Undignified Tour and Psalms Collective. dc3Cho’s start in music was with the intention of pursing edm (electronic dance music) in the secular industry, but it took a slight detour as he felt God putting worship ministry on his heart. In his latest EP, All Things Beautiful, Cho invites you on a journey to drawing closer to God through eight faith-filled hymnals and worship songs. The first track, Be Thou My Vision has a unique twist to the original hymn, as it is coated with playful muted electric guitar riffs, met with graceful harmonic accapella which reminds you of Imogen Heap’s, vocoder effects in Hide and Seek (Anyone remember her?? The good old days). The second track, Psalm 27 (an original), swiftly transitions into an upbeat and groovy, bass-driven piece with spirited, jazzy piano lines that give the song the final cherry on top. The rest of the songs on the EP are slower ballads that bring the tone in a more meditative state. Overall, each track is carefully woven together to point listeners to a deeper and awakening love towards, God. dc1Because My Music Canvas is an outlet to bring not only artist spotlight…but explore and experiment in the way that I present artists with creativity, I put together this fun video interview so readers and viewers can get to know David in a more personal way. In this video, David shares about his journey in music and the creative process that was involved for his summer EP. Enjoy!

Thanks for your time and sharing your story with us David!

 ‘Psalm 27’

To purchase digital or hard copy, visit https://allthingsbeautiful.support

Cho’s EP includes six worship covers and two original pieces: Psalm 27 and All Things Beautiful. Also featured in this EP is guest vocalist, Esther Park.

Cho plans to further his music studies in music production and engineering at Berklee College of Music.

Go to this link to order your digital or physical copy of All Things Beautiful.

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