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Who and what?

Inspirations at La Colombe cafe in West Loop Chicago.

MMC is my outlet and space for all things music.

MMC is my personal platform in exploring new music and renewing passions for the music industry; the artists, the business and more. And a place of inspiration and hope for the aspiring creatives that have big dreams in the music and entertainment mountain. And, well, I’d like for you to join me in my process. Not only discovering new music, but walking away inspired. Hopeful by the stories (interviews) from artists and those involved in the industry. You’ll see spotlight for both mainstream, indie, and also Christian-inspired music. I’m also here to point you to resources that are available online  that can help YOU in your journey with music.

So please join me in my journey as I get in touch with what makes me feel alive and walk away inspired and hopeful. Your story is still in the making. Your canvas is waiting. Get your music on and get somethin’ goin’!

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Things to expect from MMC

-Posts on new music discoveries, interviews, video performances, music products and more.

Join me in my process; my ears your sound. My information, your resource.

What’s on your canvas?


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*At the bottom of the site you’ll see a music player. I will be uploading promotional music for up-and-coming locals. If interested in having your music being featured, please refer to the contact page.

*Currently living in Seoul, Korea, when I’m not blogging, I enjoy reading, writing music and producing, exploring new cafes and restaurants in Seoul, promoting food on my Instagram, cooking/baking, watching film, and connecting with people. (: