Sigrid – Norwegian Singer-Songwriter


Lovin’ the pop vocals and catchy melodic riffs of up-and-coming artist of 2017, Sigrid (Island Records). She’s a young soul at only 20, but already graced the grand stages of Glastonbury and more.

So I’ve been noticing a common trend in mainstream pop and EDM, the hi hat and snare pattern (and specific snare tone). I wish there was a way I could eloquently articulate what I mean by the hi hat/snare pattern-help, haha. Pay attention to the way the rhythmic snare builds (it’s a specific tone) before the chorus, the loose melodic phrases thrown in between choruses… This specific pattern and style is widely heard through artists like Chainsmokers, Bieber, Kygo, and etc, so this track by Sigrid doesn’t sound at all new to the music scene, but still fun to listen to.

Her song, Don’t Kill My Vibe delivers a slower ballad that builds up to an anthemic hook. Original here. 

For more Sigrid, catch-up on her background here.


*For featured image credit, please contact (couldn’t find the photographer linked to the photos)

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