7 Days of Christmas Music


Tune into http://www.facebook.com/mymusiccanvas every day to discover Christmas music from both independent and mainstream artists!

I’m still here! Not as active nowadays as other priorities have competed for my daily attention, but didn’t want to pass up on My Music Canvas’ first Christmas! It was a bit difficult finding Christmas music outside the typical classics that we all know, but I did find a few gems! Also, in light of BTS’ sudden and recent international success (Youtube BTS, Ellen Degeneres, Kimmel), be on the lookout for a K-pop Christmas music playlist I’ll be sharing sometime this week!

Though I’ve been MIA for a few weeks, God’s been depositing big visions for my platform on here. It sounds cheesy, but I call it, dreaming with God. The next 2 months I’ll be wrapping up life here in Seoul, Korea and moving forward to new beginnings. New beginnings and adventure. Stay tuned!

7 Days of Christmas music here > Hohoho!

Instagram > Boop

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