Good Little Giants – Folk

We’re finally getting some cool breeze here in Seoul, and a whirlwind of excitement is going through my veins; anticipation for pumpkin lattes (yet to discover a good place here), fall colors and scarves, the unfortunate yet beautiful farewells as pigmented leaves bid their last, falling graciously to their deathbed below our feet… Swish swish. Crunch crunch. Hello fall.

In my state of basking in fall glories, my ears craved some good acoustic and folk sounds. I am loving the music that I am hearing from New Yorkers, Good Little Giants and excited for you to check them out. Most songs are acoustically driven with some banjos and strings, and songs like Tiptoe sneak in simple synth leads. Their version of the hymn, How Great Thou Art may catch you off guard with its fun and upbeat drive.

This is the first song of theirs I got to listen to > Birdsong from their first album, It’s An Ocean (2013)

What a beautiful song. Whatever is handicapping you from fully living in the present moment…whatever is crippling you from coming out of your comfort zone, God is with you in every flight and step. Come out of hiding beloved ones.

Sometimes a caged bird sings
Not just for singing sake but for the hope it brings
Never knowing flight he lets music be his wings
Maybe sometimes the caged bird sings

Come out, come out darling from under your fears
Come out, come out darling it’s been too many years

Sometimes a free bird stays
Swallows freedom’s key and sits inside a cage
The door is open wide still he sits safely perched inside
And sometimes, a free bird stays

And sometimes a grown man cries
To grieve the years he spent believing lies
He sees more clearly now with tears in his eyes
Maybe sometimes

I took some time to listen to their two albums and they are both so beautifully written and arranged. And the guy’s vocals are so soothing to listen to! It’s been a while since I listened to finger-pickin’ acoustics and their music has been very pleasing to the ears. Their first album, It’s An Ocean has more female and male vocal harmonies throughout the album and more toned down with instruments. Their faith and praise-filled lyrics have been very uplifting to the soul. Hope it blesses you as much as it has been doing for me. I’m a bit tempted to upload both playlists of the album on here, but I will just share one more, so you can personally head over to their site for more music 🙂

One of their more upbeat songs from their second album, Arrows (2016)

If you liked what you heard, one way to support artists is by purchasing their music. I am actually considering purchasing both albums.  They currently have two albums out:

Their most recent album, Arrows was released in 2016, and their debut album, It’s An Ocean was released in 2013.

They don’t have a Soundcloud account but here is their Reverb page.

For more Good Little Giants, here.

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