Florist – Indie Folk

Photo by Alyssa Yohana

I’ve been wanting to discover some new female-fronted Indie folk music, so I was happy to come across this one. Florist is Emily Sprague, a singer-songwriter + producer from Brooklyn, New York. (Female engineers and producers I very much look up to you!) She records her own music and also records and produces for others, (read more about it here), including Eskimeaux. She’s a good storyteller in her writing and her soft and sweet vocals are fitting for moods that want to take it easy and kick back. Her music is musically stripped down, mainly clean electric guitar and simple percussion, and ethereal synth leads here and there, depending on the tracks. Her music’s been out on the market since 2013 and she’s been consistent on putting out her own music every year since.
flFlorist will be releasing her second full-length album, If Blue Could Be Happiness, on September 29th, 2017. Available here.

I’ve been mainly listening to these two EPs: We Have Been This Way Forever EP (2013) and The Birds Outside Sang album (2016).

Florist at NPR with songs from her 2015 EP, Holdly.

Sneak peak into new album here.

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