New Christmas Album – Sia

Australian singer and producer, Sia is out with a full-length Christmas album titled, Everyday is Christmas. The album features 10 original songs written by herself and Greg Kurstin, which is all the more exciting and gladly welcomed. There’s not many Christmas songs out there and the classics are recycled with new covers every year, so I was eager to listen to the album.

“I thought we had a bit of a shortage of good Christmas music. There’s obviously the classics and stuff, but anything new, I wasn’t vibing that much on it.” (Sia)

-Interview with Zane Lowe on Beats1

I’m a huge Sia fan and enjoyed exploring the tracks. The overall album is upbeat and some tracks, playful in it’s melodic instrumental riffs and background noise (puppies barking, etc). The first half of the album felt like going up a roller coaster ride with its happy and uptempo vibes, then as soon as track eight started, felt like a sudden halt at the top of the ride, with its unexpected ballad, Underneath the Mistletoe-which by the way is a beautiful piece musically, and lyrically cute, as it sings about a crush.

Underneath the Mistletoe track 8

Love the playful lalalas in the verses! Lots of catchy hooks in the song, including the hook during the interlude: “You and me here, underneath the mistletoe.” 

It’s not an album I’d be eager to listen to in the mornings with my coffee as I’m trying to wake up or introverting at home, but when I’m doing something active, cleaning or in a super-cheerful holiday spirit. It’s an great album, I’d just need to be in a particular mood for it.  I can definitely hear it playing over speakers in department stores and retail shops as customers are scurrying about doing their business and being happy shoppers. The album isn’t overdosed with Christmas bells and chimes and the ballad tracks still deliver melancholic tones, what she’s best known for, so overall, it’s a well-produced and fun album to listen to.

Music video for track 1 feat. Kristen Bell: Santa’s Coming For Us

Puppies Are forever track 3

Catchy hook, “Puppies are forever, not just for Christmas.”

The full album is available for listening on Sia’s Youtube, here.

More Sia, click here Ho ho ho!



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